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About the

Urban Tree Merchants is a sawmill, slab retailer, and custom woodworking company owned by Caleb & Kelly Geer. We design and build wood furniture and wood decor such as tables, shelves, mantels, benches, cutting / serving boards, lazy Susan’s, cake stands, cross section / wood circle centerpieces, and more. As a Tree to Table company, we walk with our clients through every stage of the design process from milling the log they select to installing their custom piece.

UTM works with local tree care companies to give the trees removed from the DFW Metroplex a second life in a home or business instead of ending up in a landfill. Our services include milling, drying, surfacing, CAD design, metal fabrication, epoxy resin work, repairs, finishing, and installation. We produce everything from unfinished slabs to epoxy/resin river tables.

Meet the

Caleb Geer

Caleb learned about the tree care industry while working for Tree Shepherds, his father’s tree care company in Denton County. While there, he developed a passion for trees and loves being able to turn a piece of God’s earth into a piece for your home. In December of 2018, Caleb earned a Bachelor of Science in University Studies with a focus in Engineering and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Arlington. Caleb is thankful to be able to use his engineering skills and creativity to bring to life unique ideas and customer’s dreams. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys playing ping pong and basketball, visiting with family, and “making stuff.”

Kelly Geer

Kelly has a diverse background including catering, event management, coordinating programs for the City of Arlington, social media marketing and she was the operations manager for Tree Shepherds. All of these skill sets lend themselves excellently to her role as Director of Communications and Business Development for Urban Tree Merchants. Kelly has a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Persuasion from Texas State University. She enjoys travelling around the world, going to events, taking photographs, and trying new food & drinks.