Wood Slabs

These Texas native wood slabs are in stock and ready to be used for your next project.

The Process

Quality lumber production requires multiple steps over several months. At UTM, we meticulously execute every step of the process to ensure our slabs, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber are a consistent quality at fair prices. 

  1. Log Procurement/Sourcing – Our logs always come from Local Tree Care Companies and Urban Sources to maximize the natural resources in the DFW Metroplex.
  2. Milling/Conversion – Cutting logs to desired shapes and dimensions. We mill logs into slabs, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber. When we get a new log, we assess how it can be milled for maximum yield but also to highlight any naturally occurring characteristics in the grain or log (ie. branches, burls, spalting, etc.)
  3. Drying/Curing – Stabilizes wood moisture content for indoor use. Typically slabs are air-dried for a few weeks to a few months before going into the kiln for a few days to a few weeks. The drying time varies depending on the beginning moisture content.
  4. Planing/Flattening – Planed on both faces for an even thickness
  5. Sanding – Sanded to desired Grit Finish 40 – 1000

Where We Mill & Dry

While we do offer mobile milling, our main milling location is in Lake Dallas with our 10,000 board foot kiln. We always have a variety of slabs, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber air drying on-site as well as a stockpile of logs and stumps available for custom milling. Once pieces have been kiln dried, they are warehoused at our Arlington Woodshop.


We want to showcase what hardwoods our metroplex has to offer and make them available to everyone! We believe that starts with fair and consistent pricing. A big factor in processing slabs is the size/weight of the log. So we have two pricing categories: less than 24” width and 24” or greater. Prices are per board foot.


Slab Wood | 1-2 Live/Natural/Wane Edges | Per Board Foot
Avg. Width Less Than 24″ Avg. Width 24″ or Greater
Rough Milled $5 Rough Milled $7
Air Dried 12% – 20% Moisture Content $7 Air Dried 12% – 20% Moisture Content $9
Kiln Dried 10% – 12% Moisture Content $9 Kiln Dried 10% – 12% Moisture Content $12
Planed* +$7 Planed* +$7
Sanded to 220 grit* +$7 Sanded to 220 grit* +$7

*Add on item. Price per square foot of surface area is in addition to the price of the slab. Includes planing and/or sanding on both sides.  

**Especially dense woods like Bois D’ Arc and Live Oak may have a $3/board foot fee for the additional effort it takes to handle and tool the wood.

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What is Urban Wood? 

Urban Wood, Urban Harvested, and Urban Timber refers to wood salvaged from tree removal operations when trees are cut down due to death, disease, development, or other causes. Traditionally, wood from these kinds of practices was treated as waste and, at best, used for mulch or firewood. We strive to give this valuable resource a second life in your home or office by converting the trees removed in the DFW Metroplex to lumber, furniture, decor, and other wood products. Learn more about the Urban Wood Movement at https://urbanwoodnetwork.org/

How to Calculate a Board Foot

wood board showing dimensions

Board Foot is a unit of volume for timber equal to 144 cubic inches (12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch). The Width refers to the average width of the slab.

Slabs & Dimensional Lumber

W(inches) x L(inches) x T(inches)/144
= Total Board Feet
flat wood slab showing dimensions
32″ x 66″ x 2″/144
= 36.66 Board Feet


3.14 x R(inches)2 x T(inches)/144
= Board Feet
3.14 x 182x2/144
= 14.13 Board Feet
round wood slab board showing dimensions
3.14 x 182x2/144
= 14.13 Board Feet