Wood Planing

Planing and surfacing rough sawn or uneven pieces of wood is a vital step in woodworking. With our custom designed and built router planer we can plane and flatten almost any piece of wood.

What’s Possible

  • Wood Planing on a Custom Router Planer Table or Benchtop Planer
  • Smoothing Rough Spots
  • Epoxy Resurfacing
  • Other Custom Routing Services

Wood Planing and Surfacing Services

Lumber planing and surfacing

After slabs dry they will often have slight to severe warping, cupping, or other irregularities. Even if the wood hasn’t deformed while drying it will still have an imperfect surface from milling. Our wood planing service is the best way to achieve a smooth and level wood surface whether you need to take off a lot or a little.

  • The planer can flatten/surface pieces up to 60″ wide, 28″ tall/thick and 11’+ long to any desired thickness.
  • Epoxy resurfacing
  • Wood Routing: Our custom designed router planer table performs a variety of functions including plunge cuts, grooves, and edging. This is great for adding features to pieces such as handles, tongue & groove joints, holes or decorative grooves and edges.
  • $140/hr

What to Expect

This is the next step after getting a piece of wood dried. Planing and surfacing slabs is necessary before finishing large tables, cross-sections, live-edge slabs, epoxy resurfacing, and many other wood projects. The time it takes to plane a piece varies greatly depending on species and how much material has to be removed. Time estimates will be provided prior to beginning the project.

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