Portable Saw Mill

Fallen tree? Our saw mill services are the perfect solution to turn your old tree into usable lumber! We offer Mobile Milling and Drop Off Milling options. Bring your log to us or we can bring our Portable Mill to you.

What’s Included

  • Custom dimension slabs, beams, cross-sections, and lumber
  • On-site milling and Drop-off milling
  • Re-sawing and Upright Bandsaw with run-through table

Wood Saw Mill Services

On-site milling
With Mobile Milling we bring one of our Portable Saw Mill to you and mill the log where it lies. This avoids maneuvering large logs out of tight spaces, tearing up lawns with heavy equipment, and resizing logs to make them smaller and more manageable.

  • Once a tree has been cut down, we assemble the mill around the log and mill to your custom dimensions
  • We leave the lumber on-site with you once we are done.
  • We also offer options for kiln drying. Head to our Drying & Curing page for more information.
  • Logs greater than 48″ diameter may need to be trimmed to fit the mill.
  • $200/hr on the job including set up and clean up time
  • Addition fee could be added depending on location and equipment needed

Drop off Milling
Bring us your logs, stumps, or other tree pieces to be milled to your specifications.

  • Drop off your log and custom dimensions and we get everything milled.
  • Pick up the lumber once completed or leave the slabs with us for Air and/or Kiln drying. Head to our Drying & Curing page for more information.
  • $160/hr of mill time

What to Expect

Before we begin milling, the customer must sign an agreement to accept the lumber as-is after milling, understanding that the wood will change and move as it dries.
We do our best to estimate the amount of time required to mill each log before cutting however foreign objects in the tree and repositioning the log can change the actual time.

After milling, we recommend air or kiln drying your slabs before using them to ensure the best results for your finished product. Once a slab is dry, it may require planing to create a smooth and level surface. We would be happy to talk with you about how to properly dry and plane your slabs or we can get you a quote for those services. 

Types of Wood Milling

We can cut all types of wood to varying shapes and sizes. 

  • EZ Boardwalk Model 40 Bandsaw Mill: Cuts 40″ dia by 16′ long logs, stumps, and burls into slabs, beams, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber. 
  • 48″ Bandsaw Mill: Cuts up to 48″ dia by 20′ long logs, stumps, and burls into slabs, beams, cross-sections, and dimensional lumber. 
  • Chainsaw milling – our custom-designed power feed chainsaw mill cuts beautiful, flat slabs, beams, and lumber. This type of milling can cut up to 32″ diameter logs
  • Band-saw milling – The 14″ upright band-saw has a custom-designed powered feed table. This allows us to cut dimensional lumber, beams, and mantels.
  • Free Hand Cutting  – For pieces larger than 40″ dia. We use a chainsaw and guides to cut Cross-sections (wood rounds) as well as bucking and sizing large wood pieces. This method is typically used on wide stumps, irregular root zones, and burls.

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