Custom Metal Fabrication/ Welding / Frames

We design and build custom frames, brackets, and supports out of steel.

What’s Included

  • Custom Designed and Fabricated Metal Elements
  • CAD Designs and Other Samples

Fabrication and welding services

Steel Frames

Steel and Wood are a great combination! If you are looking for a sleek, functional piece that can be designed to match any area, our custom metal work services can help.

  • Used for frames, brackets, legs, stands, supports and more.
  • Metal comes in different shaped pieces such as Round, Square, Flat or Angular.
  • Iron pipe and connectors create a great support system for wood pieces such as shelves, bars, tables, and benches.
  • Metal bases and stands are dependable and long lasting for heavy use and outdoor pieces.
  • We do all of our own design, cutting, welding, and coating to produce unique pieces for our clients.
    The metal can be painted a variety of colors or the raw steel can be clear coated for a more industrial look.
  • CAD images can be produced to aid in the design of custom frames and other pieces.

What to expect

If you are thinking of a metal frame for your piece, we will work up a design based on your ideas. When approved, the metal work will be done alongside the woodworking. All custom metal fabrication is included in the estimate for the whole piece.

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