Furniture finishing, coating, and refinishing

Choosing the right coating on your wood project is an important step. There are many different options and styles to consider depending on the desired functionality, appearance, and feel for your piece. 

What’s included

  • Recommendations based on the type of piece
  • Samples of different options

Wood and Furniture Finishes & Coatings Services

Polyurethane (poly)

  • Acts as a protective Clear Coat on furniture and wood.
  • Comes in different sheens: Satin, Semi-gloss, or Gloss.
  • The sheen determines how it will feel. Satin has a natural look and feel. Gloss has a shiny, slick feeling.
  • The two types of Polyurethane, Oil-Based and Water-Based, behave very differently.

Oil-Based Poly

  • More common than Water-Based.
  • Can be used as a top coat over oil-based stains.
  • Provides good protection and stabilization but it is not recommended for pieces that will have heavy wear, moisture, or heat.
  • Even though it is a clear coat it has a darkening effect on the wood increasing the contrast and figuring. It is not optimal if the goal is to preserve the natural color of the wood.

Water-Based Poly

  • One of my favorite coatings to use.
  • Provides good protection and is slightly more durable than oil-based.
  • Has a very natural feel and very little effect on the appearance of the wood.
  • Prefered choice if you want to maintain the natural state of the wood.
  • Can be used underneath epoxy to reduce the darkening effect epoxy has when applied.


  • Acts as a protective clear coat and is one of my favorite coatings to use.
  • Whether brushed on or sprayed, it leaves a smooth durable finish that functions great on heavily used surfaces such as tables, bar tops, or benches.
  • It has a slight darkening effect on wood so it will change the appearance of the wood from its natural state.
  • Enhances the contrast in the grain and figuring in the wood.
  • Very easy to touch-up any scratches or damage as well as refinish.


  • Quick and easy finish for wood.
  • Often used on mantels, cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other pieces that come in contact with food or moisture.
  • Tung Oil, Mineral Oil, and 2C Oil are the most commonly used oils.
  • Oil has a darkening effect on wood and will bring contrast in the figuring of the grain.
  • Oiled wood pieces need to have oil reapplied occasionally. Dry spots may appear depending on how often they are used and how much moisture they encounter.
  • Reapplying oil is as simple as wiping it on with a cloth until saturated and drying off any excess.


  • Changes the color of wood
  • Great way to match a certain color scheme without covering up the wood grain.
  • There are different stains for different applications: Penetrating (Oil-Based), Gel, Water-Based, and Tinted Sealers.
  • A clear coat, such as lacquer or poly is often applied as a top coat after the stain.

Penetrating Stain

  • Most commonly used stain.
  • Has a wide variety of colors, many of them based on the natural appearance of common wood species.
  • Like the name implies the stain penetrates the wood increasing the contrast of the grain as it absorbs at different rates in different areas of the wood.

Gel & Water-Based Stains

  • Have a wider variety of colors that range outside of naturally occurring wood species colors.
  • Are often applied with a cloth or brush being wiped on and off to reach the desired effect.
  • Can be applied in stages to get the desired transparency of the natural wood grain.

Tinted Sealers

  • Are mainly used on wood in outdoor applications like decks and railing.
  • Have different transparencies (clear, semi, or solid) which determine how much of the wood grain shows through the tinted sealer.
  • As more coats are applied, the stain color becomes more pronounced than the wood grain.


  • Used when the desired look is a solid color with no wood grain or figuring showing through.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Has the widest range of color options.
  • Wood needs to be properly prepared and primed before painting for best adhesion.

    What to Expect

    • Pricing is on a per project basis and will be estimated prior to beginning work.
    • All finishes and coatings are a great way to create a fresh, new look for an older piece or to enhance the natural beauty of a new piece.

    Wood & Furniture Epoxy/ Resin Services

    While epoxy makes a great top coat to seal, finish and protect a piece, it is also used to fill holes / cracks / knots, create “rivers,” and highlight natural features in wood.

    • A hard, durable finish for heavy use pieces.
    • Adds strength to pieces with soft spots, fills and seals holes from rot or bugs (these “imperfections” are beautiful when preserved by epoxy!)
    • Can be used to join different sections of wood, strengthen edges and make creative shapes.
    • Color added with dyes and powders allows for artistic creativity and the most unique finish of any finish option.
    • Epoxy River Tables: “River” refers to the process of pouring epoxy between two slabs to create the effect of a river in the middle of a table or similar piece of furniture.
    • River can be filled with items such as rocks and shells to further customize a piece.
    • Epoxy is also used to make irregularly shaped pieces into straight edge pieces and used to fill holes and cracks.

      Wood & Furniture Refinishing & Repair Services

      We are able to use our custom woodworking skills to repair, refresh and refinish wood items and antiques. Whether you have a family heirloom or a broken piece of household furniture, we can recommend solutions to repair the piece or refinish it to ensure it lasts for many more years.

      • Finishes breakdown over time allowing the elements and everyday use to damage the wood and structural integrity of a piece.
      • We gently remove the remains of the original finish before repairing any damage to the wood.
      • Once repaired, we finish the piece with the appropriate coating of your choice to protect the wood.

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