Wood Drying Air and Kiln

Our Kiln uses dehumidification and heat to assist in drying the wood.
We also offer wood sterilization to get rid of bugs and insects in the wood.

What’s Included

  • Moisture content readings
  • Air drying wood
  • kiln drying wood
  • Heat Sterilization (optional)
  • Proper spaced stacking

Kiln drying wood services

Air Dried Wood
This is the first step in getting a slab to its optimal moisture content. I prefer to air dry wood, especially green wood, to 30% or less moisture content before Kiln Drying.

  • During this stage slabs are sticker stacked and protected from the elements as they dry.
  • This can be done at your home or at our facility.
  • Air drying can take anywhere from one week to six months.
  • $2 / bd. ft., extra charges for pick-up and delivery apply

Kiln Dried Wood
Once wood has been air dried to approx. 30% moisture content, we lock it in the kiln to finish the drying process.

  • Wood is sticker stacked in the Kiln to minimize warping and cupping.
  • We have a Dehumidification Kiln which uses a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the slabs.
  • Kiln drying can take anywhere from 2 days for small pieces to a month for thick slabs or beams.
  • $4 –  $10 / bd. ft. depending on quantity and initial moisture content. Average is about $4 / bd. ft., extra charges for pick-up and delivery apply

Heat Sterilization
Logs, slabs and lumber when left dormant often attract bugs, insects and fungus.

  • We use Heat Sterilization to remove the unwanted elements and make the wood safe for use.
  • $6 – $10 / bd. ft., extra charges for pick-up and delivery apply

What to Expect

We use a moisture meter to monitor the wood’s moisture content throughout ever stage of the process managing the drying rate until equilibrium moisture content is reached.

Wood that has not been properly dried will warp, cup, twist, and crack over time. This can make surfaces uneven, bend frames and do permanent damage to the piece making it unusable.

Our wood drying process begins with air drying because it dries wood at a slower rate to minimize cupping and warping. Then pieces are placed in the dehumidification kiln to get down to the final equilibrium moisture content (between 8% and 12%). Kiln drying can shorten the dry time significantly and allows for quicker turnaround time on projects.

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